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Photo Puzzles

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Wedding Memories

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Commemorate a special occasion or even just a fun afternoon with a custom puzzle based on your photograph. We can use a digital image on a CD or sent via email, or we can scan a photo (up to 8" x 14"). Then we have a print made using archival inks on puzzle-friendly paper.


The puzzle at right began as a rectangular image on a computer disk. The image was electronically cropped to an oval shape and printed with a white border. Then, during the puzzle-cutting process, the white border was used to create the lacy heart edging of the puzzle. A puzzle like this could start as a regular photo or even a snapshot if it is clear enough to enlarge. We just scan the photo, then proceed the same way as with a digital image.



The puzzle shown below began as a 3"x5" snapshot. (Click to see a larger image)

Click to see a larger image
Click to see a larger image


In the following puzzle a solid color was added to the top edge of the photo and personalized figures were crafted from it. (Click for larger image)

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More good-lookin' kids! What grandparent wouldn't love a puzzle like this? (Click for larger image)

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Here's a nifty idea for a photo puzzle. The puzzle was full of clues about another gift - a surprise trip to the big apple to see a show. We added phrases that recalled another trip and information about the upcoming one as swirly text on the customer's photo. Lucky guy to have such a thoughtful wife!

Click to see a larger image

Prices for photo puzzles are quoted individually, but prices for some common sizes are shown below:

5"x7" $140
6"x9" $220
8"x10" $320
9"x12" $430
10"x14" $560

The wedding puzzle with the lace border, which measures 7"x9.5" at the widest points would be priced at $285.

We can personalize your photo puzzles with names, dates, and special figure pieces at no additional charge.

Click here for some personalization inspiration!




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