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Custom handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles

Figure pieces in the shapes of words, people, animals, and objects

Traditional-style puzzles from art prints

Photo puzzles

Trick puzzles

About the Puzzles

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Seaside Memories
© Lynette Goric

In the photo above, several figure pieces have been turned over to show the cherry back.
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Thingamajigsaw™ Puzzles makes fine, heirloom-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles. Our handcrafted puzzles range from the truly traditional to the treacherously tricky.

Getting Started

Each puzzle starts out as a print (either from our selection here or something you send). The print is mounted on special puzzle wood, which is backed with a beautiful cherry veneer.

The Design Process

Then the design process begins. In traditional-style and photo puzzles, figure pieces are planned to complement the print. Some, like the sailboat, seagull, and little boy going to the beach, are suggested by the image (see picture at right). Others, like the hummingbird and ice cream cone, take advantage of areas of color or pattern. Customers also may request figure pieces, names, and dates. Click here for some personalization inspiration. As a rule, trick puzzles do not have room for figure pieces, but are designed to be extra-challenging.

Our logo (we call him Thingamabob) is included as a signature piece in every puzzle if space allows. If space does not allow, we tuck in among your puzzle pieces a “golden Thingamabob” that doesn’t fit in the puzzle.


After we complete the design, we cut the puzzle in one of two cutting styles — “lobed” or “knobby” — defined by the shape of the interlocks. Each piece is individually cut using a very fine blade, with about two pieces per square inch. This handcrafting means that every Thingamajigsaw Puzzle is unique.

Lobed Style

Knobby Style

The pieces below were cut in the lobed style used by many old-time puzzle makers. We believe this style results in beautifully shaped puzzle pieces. If the customer does not specify the cutting style, we like to cut all medium to large size puzzles in this lobed style.

The pieces below were cut in the knobby style. This style adds a bit of difficulty, as pieces tend to be more uniform in shape, and it is a good choice for smaller puzzles.


After we cut the puzzle, we sand and finish the cherry back to bring out the beauty and grain of the wood. Then we take the puzzle apart.

Packing and Shipping

Next, we count the pieces and pack them in an attractive gold box, labeled with the puzzle name and piece count (but no picture). Finally, we wrap the box in tissue, pack it in a carton, and ship it to you!



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